Ron and Karen Murphy

Family members and I met my husband Ron and sister-in-law, Nell last night as they were returning from Nanchang with our daughter Aimee Qin. The flight was delayed so we were all huddled at the windows of the airport lobby waiting for a United Airlines plane to land and go to gate 12.

When they finally arrived at 10:35 pm, I saw my husband get off the plane with no baby! Next came Nell with a small child who was asleep. When they came through gate 12, I saw Aimee for the first time. She was beautiful but tired and mad. She was smaller that I thought she would be. She had a beautiful head full of black hair. Other than a runny nose she looked perfectly healthy. She took one look at me, her mother, and cried and screamed. I took her but immediately walked over to my husband. Aimee immediately grabbed my husband's chest and clung for her life. Close family members were huddled around, some crying for joy that our family members were finally home.

I felt the need to at least let my new daughter know that I knew one thing she liked. I brought out the vanilla wafers. Aimee immediately stopped crying and grabbed two wafers from my hand. She poked her lower lip out at me and made a face as if she were saying "give me those vanilla wafers and leave me alone".

She made faces at the small children who were relatives, by rolling her upper lip up and exposing her four small lower teeth. She reminded me of a cat who was hissing when frightened. When the small children touched Aimee's hand that had the vanilla wafer, Aimee hauled off and slapped at the children, while continuing to make her unusual face. She was almost comical. I asked my husband what she was doing and he said she usually did this when she was teasing as if she were saying, I've got Daddy and a vanilla wafer and you can't have either".

On the way home Aimee fell asleep in the car seat with her little head slumped over. When we got to our home, she started crying very loudly. My husband said she really needed a bath so he put her in the kitchen sink, filled with baby bubble bath. She screamed as if her were killing her. Remember she still will not let me near her so I was not able to help. My husband made her a bottle and put her to bed. She quickly went to sleep and slept until 11:45 am today, Sept. 26.

When Aimee woke up she was very hungry but not the grumpy, screaming child from the night before. She still will not let me hold her so my husband made her a bowl of rice cereal which she gulped down. Aimee did let me spoon feed her a few times. After this we went upstairs to Aimee's room and played with her toys. Although she is 16 mos. old she is only interested in toys designed for infants.

At about 2:30 pm, my husband quietly left the room and Aimee let me play with her though I still could not hold her. After playing for about an hour Aimee let me pick her up without screaming she did cry a little. She and I lay down on the sofa and we both took a nap. She drooled all over me but she was sooooo sweet.

When Aimee woke up, we had a snack, vanilla wafers of course. She let me hold her and play with her. She made faces at me and then she would grin, showing her 8 little teeth.

By late afternoon we took another nap. Aimee laying on my chest drooling. She would look up every now and then and give me her toothy grin. I also discovered that she wiped her nose with her fingers and wiped the "snot" on my shirt.

When we all woke up for dinner, Aimee had rice with bits of chicken and wontons thrown in, Folks believe me she ate a bowl full; more than my husband or I ate. She drank tea which was warmed. She likes nothing cold. She finished her meal with two vanilla wafers which she maneuvers around in her mouth until she gets the wafer on her only teeth (four on top and four on bottom) and then she crunches away.

After Aimee's large meal I started smelling a very very foul smell. I looked in her high chair and a green liquid like poop was oozing from her diaper. My husband quickly put Aimee's chair by the sink, lifted her into the sink and sprayed her off. The chair was taken out side and cleaned. Aimee got a quick bath, her hair washed, a good rub down with lotion (she has very dry skin) and put to bed with a bottle. She gulped the bottle down and then started babbling or singing to herself. My brother stopped by at this time. He is a large person with a beard. I told him to sneak upstairs to see Aimee. When she saw him she gave him her toothy grin and wanted him to hold her. Isn't that something she goes to strange men, even those with beards, but it took her 24 hours before she would let me, her mother, touch her.

Anyway she is asleep now. She babbled and sang for about 20 minutes before she went to sleep. I'm tired but I'm looking forward to tomorrow and another adventure with Aimee. By the way she responds quickly when I call her Yang Qin, her Chinese name. I think she might like me after all.

Karen Murphy

Ron and Karen Murphy

dtc 11/8/96
referral 7/30/97 of Hong Yang Qin
born 5/8/96 Jiangxi Province, Nanchang
gotcha date 9/25/97

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